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We have set our sights on creating a community that is welcoming. Here at Curb Consulting Ventures we want you to feel at home with our agents. We believe the power of human insight and creativity will lead us to a brighter future.

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Curb consulting ventures

For decades Curb Consulting Ventures has been making waves in the capital management industry.

We are leaders in the private capital management and information technology industry and we value ingenuity. Our dedication to our clients drives our company culture which inevitably allows us to secure, adapt, and grow your enterprise.

It is clear that adapting is the key to survival. To achieve this goal Curb Consulting Ventures has refined its company incentives. Becoming who you want to be in this volatile industry is important. Let us clear the path and allow you to thrive by using our dynamic industry aligned solutions.


We want to mitigate your every need.


By continuously innovating and building our agent list we want you to be able to say that no matter what happens with life you were ready because of Curb Consulting Ventures.


Our mission is to make sure that you as a client are able to achieve success in any aspect of your life.

Meet the Team

dANIEL ekwevi

Technology Chariman

Daniel Ekwevi is the acting CEO of Curb Consulting Ventures. He is a creative that is always looking to expand his horizon and explore new things. Daniel has a very active lifestyle. When he is not working Daniel spends his free time finding ways to enrich his life. Daniel enjoys fencing, basketball and soccer. On an average day you can find Daniel hard at work. If Daniel isn’t at work or enjoying his free time, Daniel loves spending time with God. He is an avid contributor to his church and hopes that everyone can be closer to God.  

Daniel Ekwevi has a Bachelors of Science from the Pennsylvania State university. Daniel recently completed his Graduate Certificate from Harvard in Business Analytics. Daniel is friendly, welcoming and eager to learn. He has what it takes and he hopes you do as well.

We have always put our customers first in regards to their projects.

We understand that greatness is obtainable. Revamp, rejuvenation and become who you truly wish to be.